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Become a Coffee Specialist

We take our mission of expanding the specialty coffee culture in Brazil very seriously, and Um Coffee Academy was the way we found to share our knowledge in the area.

We offer several options for workshops, both for coffee lovers who want to expand their horizons, and for the training and certification of professionals interested in dedicating themselves to coffee as a trade.


Develop courses with the certificate Um Coffee CO., In order to prepare our students according to their real need. From theory to practice, each course focuses on the end result. As an example, we have courses that present the basic theories of the chain. We also have courses that enable the student to take over the cafeteria bar. Others seek to form world champions. Where do you want to get in the coffee world?


We have developed a center that aims much more than a course or training program, but rather the development of special coffee in Brazil as a whole. Within the Center of Studies, we seek partners and experts throughout the coffee chain, so that together we innovate techniques, processes and, consequently, the quality standard of Brazilian special coffee.

SCA - Specialty Coffee Association

The SCA Coffee Skills program consists of six different modules: Introducion to Coffee, Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills. At each level the student receives points, and once reached 100 points, the student receives the international certificate SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.