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M2 Café Comércio e Serviço Ltda - CNPJ 08144945 / 0001-99 | Address: Rua Júlio Conceição, 553. Bom Retiro. São Paulo, SP - CEP 01126-001


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Each coffee has unique characteristics, and roasting is the moment when these unique qualities can be potentiated. That's why we created our own roasting lab.

1. Green Coffee

Our grains are carefully processed on our farm so that our coffee reaches the highest quality potential possible. It is a very important step towards the end result in the cup.

2. Benefitiation

From this, the grains are submitted to processes of beneficiation and standardization, offering total control of quality and uniformity for the roasting team.

3. Roasting

We have two roasting studios, where trained and qualified staff develop the profiles and execute all the torras of Um - both for our coffeeshops and for our partners.

4. Quality control

All the roasts of all our varieties are submitted to our Quality Control team. With this, we maintain our standard and follow the evolution of each coffee, thus developing a large database of sensory data.

5. Sensory analysis

After the roasting profile is approved by the quality team, our Q-Graders analyze and perform the analyzes of the coffees, thus describing all the sensory and descriptive notes of the beverage of each one, so that the labels are printed.

6. Packaging

Finally, each coffee is toasted and packaged from an operation planning so that consumption will always happen when its sensory delivery reaches its apex. We use specific packaging for greater quality preservation.

The result is a incredible set of coffees



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Our partners are essential to our business. We sell grains, train and provide consulting services to restaurants, shops and other cafes. Contact us to schedule a meeting.